Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Sorry it's been a few days since I've last posted, but alot has gone on since then!

1) Looked at apartments and townhouses in Columbus... some really yucky
2) Visited lots of family and got to see my niece and nephews!
3) Signed a lease on one of the good ones! It's really nice and located in Dublin, Ohio
3) Bought my very first new car!!!!!!

Lots done and lots of money gone :( Oh well, that's what it's there for! As for my new car... it's a Kia Spectra and it's so cute and little! Plus... nothing is falling off or leaking! Woohoo! It has all that I want and more in a car: A/C, power locks, CD player, cup holders(I know that's strange but my last car didn't have any!) and lots of room in the trunk (I keep a lot of junk in my trunk ;) My old car must have known it was going, because on the way there the brakes just about gave out! I knew it was time... new car yea!

On the food front... not so hot. I have let myself down this past week and have put on the pounds that I just lost (again!). Tomorrow is my new week, and I know that last week I said "Time to start new!" and I didn't... but this week I will because if I don't, I will be cheating myself and giving into not eating healthy because I'm busy and too lazy to put in the work that it takes to stay on track and be healthy! That was a huge run on sentence... sorry! Here is my goal and pledge for this week:

"I, Anne, will track my food and plan as many meals in advance as I can. I make an effort to move around more (exercise) and be more positive about my progress in general."

Ok, I'm done... have a great night!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weigh in...

Just a quick post... I lost one pound this week, woo hoo! I'm pretty happy, given that I haven't really been losing for a while. I watched my summer kiddos today and I took them on a nice long hike. I felt pretty good when we came back and was glad for the chance to walk with some one. Tim isn't a fan of walking... I'm trying to change that though!
Well... off to put the kettle on (hehe!) and try to fix my head ache...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home is where...??

Finding a place to live is becoming a bit challenging! The good thing is that we have lots of help from friends in the area and nice renters. Guess what... one of them is British... that's right!! I was talking to her today and she told me to look for the house with the red letter box! I had to remind myself to listen to what she was saying, not just how she was saying it!

Food update: I've been doing alright with food, but I'm thankful that my new WW week starts tomorrow. I really have to find another way to deal with stress than turning to food. Tim and I are watching what we spend lately and that means not so much snacky food in the house. It's bitter sweet.... I love to snack! I'll update tomorrow hopefully on my weigh in and I might even posts my stats since I started. I have to watch my summer kids tomorrow... it might be a super long day!

Ta ta ti ti ta... as the Kodaly's say! Zoltan rules!!(That's for you Kathy!)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keeping Mum

I rented this movie just because it has Mr. Bean and the great Maggie Smith and it was so good! It's these types of movies that make me wish I was British. Their accent and phrases just make a person interesting, even if they are the most boring person around! It really is a cute story with romance, murder and of course, comedy! Rent it and you'll thank me!
Tim and I went apartment hunting yesterday and let me tell you... it wasn't very fun. The places we looked at were very nice and way out of our price range. Also, when you look in a apartment "village", they slap all sorts of fees and what not on the bill! We talked to some of our friends though and we are going to visit some places on Craiglist.com that we found. They are way cheaper and look really nice for the price! Wish us luck!!
Food... that's another story. My WW buddies would be sad, I haven't tracked much this weekend and have snuck some things in that I should have left alone! Tomorrow is a new day and the scale's going down so I must keep going! Thank God the birthday cheesecake is almost gone!
Well ta-ta and I'm off to put the kettle on... do I sound British?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Things are gonna be easier...

It's great the way music can make you feel better when you are having a crappy day! I got into my car this morning thinking of all the new changes and sitiuations going on in our life right now and on the radio came this... "Ooh, child, things are gonna be easier. Ooh, child, things are gonna be brighter!" The Stair Steps couldn't have said it better... life throws you a curve and it'll work out in the end!

Unfortunately, at lunch my stomach beat my brain in a will power test and I ate two hot pockets... yuck! They were whole grain and only 4 points a piece, but they were gross and are just sitting in my stomach now... yuck! If only the Stair Steps could help control my stress eating!

It's Tim's birthday today, the big 25! I really hope he had a good day... I made him a cheese cake and we'll probably go out to dinner to celebrate. Here's a picture of him on our anniversary... isn't he handsom! Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Start Up!

This is my second attempt at blogging... my other was with a super cool WW sight, but sadly, everything was erased! So I'll start a-new!

I'm Anne... married a year, starting a new job, shedding some cake weight and living my life!

I'll be back...