Saturday, December 1, 2007

Emotional Eatng

Yesterday prompted the return of emotional eating! I had a not so great day at school and came home to a couple of beers and a container of chocolate covered almonds. Man did they taste good! I think that most people who struggle with their weight have had this problem and I have seen that a lot of people combat this problem with working out. The activity and the energy helps to relieve the stress of the day. For me... I haven't gotten there yet and for some reason I'm still turning to food. Don't know why! I need to find a way to make the switch:)

There was a light at the end of the tunnel though... after the binge, we went out to dinner and I made an awesome choice of a turkey burger and a HUGE side salad. Seriously this thing was the biggest "side" salad I had ever had. What was great about it was that there was hardly any cheese or croutons, something that restaurants really load up on. I think the whole salad including cheese, croutons, and my tiny bit of dressing was only 3 points! Yay for salads!

Ok, my stomach is telling me it's time for breakfast...
Enjoy the day!