Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keeping Mum

I rented this movie just because it has Mr. Bean and the great Maggie Smith and it was so good! It's these types of movies that make me wish I was British. Their accent and phrases just make a person interesting, even if they are the most boring person around! It really is a cute story with romance, murder and of course, comedy! Rent it and you'll thank me!
Tim and I went apartment hunting yesterday and let me tell you... it wasn't very fun. The places we looked at were very nice and way out of our price range. Also, when you look in a apartment "village", they slap all sorts of fees and what not on the bill! We talked to some of our friends though and we are going to visit some places on that we found. They are way cheaper and look really nice for the price! Wish us luck!!
Food... that's another story. My WW buddies would be sad, I haven't tracked much this weekend and have snuck some things in that I should have left alone! Tomorrow is a new day and the scale's going down so I must keep going! Thank God the birthday cheesecake is almost gone!
Well ta-ta and I'm off to put the kettle on... do I sound British?

1 comment: said...

what do you mean you WISH you were british. i thought that you were british?? i guess i don't really know you at all!