Friday, July 20, 2007

Things are gonna be easier...

It's great the way music can make you feel better when you are having a crappy day! I got into my car this morning thinking of all the new changes and sitiuations going on in our life right now and on the radio came this... "Ooh, child, things are gonna be easier. Ooh, child, things are gonna be brighter!" The Stair Steps couldn't have said it better... life throws you a curve and it'll work out in the end!

Unfortunately, at lunch my stomach beat my brain in a will power test and I ate two hot pockets... yuck! They were whole grain and only 4 points a piece, but they were gross and are just sitting in my stomach now... yuck! If only the Stair Steps could help control my stress eating!

It's Tim's birthday today, the big 25! I really hope he had a good day... I made him a cheese cake and we'll probably go out to dinner to celebrate. Here's a picture of him on our anniversary... isn't he handsom! Happy Friday!


jessie said...

anne! i wondered where your last blog went. i read it all the time! come up and see us soon and give timmy a birthday hug for me!! said...

hey banana hammock! nice blog! love the links ;)wink wink

i'll be here checking up on you! love ya-

Living to Feel Good said...

It's so true about music. This is kind of a similar situation...I wasn't feeling down, but the new Smashing Pumpkins song "Come on Let's Go" came on, and I was like "ya I can keep going!! Let's keep going!!" Now the song had nothing to do with what I was doing, but I twisted the positive encouragement to work for me. :D

Happy Birthday to Tim!