Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Sorry it's been a few days since I've last posted, but alot has gone on since then!

1) Looked at apartments and townhouses in Columbus... some really yucky
2) Visited lots of family and got to see my niece and nephews!
3) Signed a lease on one of the good ones! It's really nice and located in Dublin, Ohio
3) Bought my very first new car!!!!!!

Lots done and lots of money gone :( Oh well, that's what it's there for! As for my new car... it's a Kia Spectra and it's so cute and little! Plus... nothing is falling off or leaking! Woohoo! It has all that I want and more in a car: A/C, power locks, CD player, cup holders(I know that's strange but my last car didn't have any!) and lots of room in the trunk (I keep a lot of junk in my trunk ;) My old car must have known it was going, because on the way there the brakes just about gave out! I knew it was time... new car yea!

On the food front... not so hot. I have let myself down this past week and have put on the pounds that I just lost (again!). Tomorrow is my new week, and I know that last week I said "Time to start new!" and I didn't... but this week I will because if I don't, I will be cheating myself and giving into not eating healthy because I'm busy and too lazy to put in the work that it takes to stay on track and be healthy! That was a huge run on sentence... sorry! Here is my goal and pledge for this week:

"I, Anne, will track my food and plan as many meals in advance as I can. I make an effort to move around more (exercise) and be more positive about my progress in general."

Ok, I'm done... have a great night!

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smashing.etsy.com said...

yyyyyyyyyyyyyes! finally a new car! woo hoo! congrats!