Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home is where...??

Finding a place to live is becoming a bit challenging! The good thing is that we have lots of help from friends in the area and nice renters. Guess what... one of them is British... that's right!! I was talking to her today and she told me to look for the house with the red letter box! I had to remind myself to listen to what she was saying, not just how she was saying it!

Food update: I've been doing alright with food, but I'm thankful that my new WW week starts tomorrow. I really have to find another way to deal with stress than turning to food. Tim and I are watching what we spend lately and that means not so much snacky food in the house. It's bitter sweet.... I love to snack! I'll update tomorrow hopefully on my weigh in and I might even posts my stats since I started. I have to watch my summer kids tomorrow... it might be a super long day!

Ta ta ti ti ta... as the Kodaly's say! Zoltan rules!!(That's for you Kathy!)


Living to Feel Good said...

I'll have to add Keep Mum on my netflix!

I like to snack too. Check out my blog for a 0pt snack only if you like cucumbers! :D

Here's to a new WW week! :)

smashing.etsy.com said...

zoltan rules? i was so sure that was supposed to say "kathy rules!"


hope you find a house! good luck with ww tomorrow:)